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IJARE Volume 7, Issue 4, November





In This Issue . . . November 2013 

2013, 7, 283 – 285 
Stephen J. Langendorfer


Which Stroke First? 

2013, 7, 286 – 289 
Stephen J. Langendorfer

Original Research


Readiness to Rescue: Bystander Perceptions of Their Capacity to Respond in a Drowning Emergency 

2013, 7, 290 – 300 
Kevin Moran, Teresa Stanley


Can You Swim in Waves? Children's Swimming, Floating, and Entry Skills in Calm and Simulated Unsteady Water Conditions 

2013, 7, 301 – 313 
Per-Ludvik Kjendlie, Tommy Pedersen, Trine Thoresen, Trond Setlo, Kevin Moran, Robert Keig Stallman


Aquatic Exercise Compared to Contrast Therapy With Shallow Water Treadmill Running to Assist Recovery in Elite Australian Rules Footballers 

2013, 7, 314 – 331 
Kate Hoskin, Karen J. Dodd, Siew-Pang Chan, Sam Rosengarten, Sophie Heywood


Differences in Drowning Rates Between Rural and Non-Rural Residents of Ontario, Canada 

2013, 7, 332 – 343 
Michael Fralick, Zane R. Gallinger , Stephen W. Hwang



Quantification of Aquatic Interventions in Children With Disabilities: A Systematic Literature Review 

2013, 7, 344 – 379 
Baiba Kārkliņa, Marlies Declerck, Daniel J. Daly


The Lifesaving Foundation 

2013, 7, 380 – 395 
John Connolly


Effectiveness of Aquatic Physiotherapy in Clinical Practice 

2013, 7, 396 – 406 
Jacqueline Pattman, Jane Hall, Eirwen Record

Media Review


Science in Swimming IV 

2013, 7, 407 – 408 
Stephen J. Langendorfer


Reviewers for Volume 7 

Stephen J. Langendorfer



Monica LePore                                       




Including Students with Disabilities in General Physical Education

Good Chapter on Adapted Aquatic Programming
Martin E. Block and Philip Conatser






Swimming Against The Current: A Practical Teaching and Coaching Manual for Swimmers with Disabilities

By Anne Green



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Starting an Adapted Aquatics Program


Helpful Tips for Disease Prevention in Physical Activity


Physical Activity & Seizures


Respiratory Exercises Changing Lives


Cooperative Land Aquatic Activities


There are 16 inclusive and cooperative activities


Aquatic supervision for individuals with disabilities.


Adapted Aquatics for a Beginning Swimmer with Asperger’s Syndrome
A Sample Lesson Plan



Water Fun Book/DVD - Fitness and Swimming Activities for All Ages


A true story about how a young girl with Autism overcomes her fear of the water's%20Up%20For%20Flynn.htm



Paralyzed Athlete Olympic Comeback
Chronicled in New Documentary
Just Released on DVD and VHS

As a teenager, Cheryl Angelelli of Fraser, MI, was an up-and-coming swimmer with Olympic hopes and dreams, until her life drastically changed. On February 4, 1983, while practicing a new racing dive, she hit her head at the bottom of the pool and broke her neck. The accident left her a quadriplegic and forever changed the course of her life, but not her dreams.

Angelelli's inspiring comeback story is the focus of a new documentary entitled, Untold Dreams: The Cheryl Angelelli Story. Untold Dreams chronicles Angelelli's life, from a teenager struggling to deal with the sudden onset of a disability, to her comeback as an internationally ranked disabled swimmer and her dream of standing on the medal podium at the 2004 Paralympic Summer Games in Athens, Greece.

The Paralympics is the equivalent to the Olympics for elite athletes with physical disabilities. Over 4,000 athletes from 125 countries competed in the 2004 Paralympic Summer Games in Athens. However, since the United States is one of the only countries that does not televise the Paralympics, these athletes accomplishments virtually go unrecognized, their stories, their dreams are untold.

I hope this film helps create more awareness about the Paralympics and educates society about the many abilities of persons with disabilities not only in sports but also in life, says Angelelli.

Untold Dreams was produced in cooperation with the Athlete' s with Disabilities Hall of Fame and the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan.

Untold Dreams has recently been released on DVD and VHS. For more information, or to purchase, please visit



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