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Philosophy Statement

     Phillip Conatser

This site is dedicated to:

-- improving the quality of aquatic programs for individuals with disabilities.  I believe all individuals with disabilities should be provided appropriate aquatic opportunities, instruction, and accessible facilities. 

-- presenting information on current medical, recreational, and educational adapted aquatic intervention techniques for individuals with mental, physical, sensory, and/or health related impairments. Further, demonstrations, practical hands-on applications, adapted aquatics theoretical models, approaches, and strategies will be presented.

-- showing developmentally appropriate and generalized variety of movement concepts and fundamental aquatic skills to promote aquatic readiness and safety. Basic aquatic programming will allow participates to successfully learn a variety of aquatic skills in a safe aquatic environment. 

-- introducing aquatic physical fitness concepts that will more actively and successfully sustain participation at schools, homes, and community aquatic programs. 

-- explaining comprehensive information on aquatic rehabilitation, aquatic sports, and aquatic recreation programs. 

-- offering Disabled Sports Organizations opportunities and demonstrate how laws affect the aquatic environment for individual with disabilities.

-- increasing an awareness of and a desire to promote inclusive aquatics programs for individuals with mild and severe disabilities. 


****Please email me any additional information .... thank you :)


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Contact Information

Phillip Conatser, PhD, CAPE

Associate Professor

University of Texas at Brownsville                                            

College of Education

Department of Health and Human Performance

80 Fort Brown

Brownsville, TX 78520

Office: (956) 882-5879

Cell: (956) 561-1825


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